No Need for Post-Its Anymore


Wallwisher is an interesting program with a lot of potential.  I see it as a great way to share ideas among colleagues and friends.  I did have a hard time finding a place for it in the primary grades.  As young students do not have strong typing skills, I would use Washwisher carefully.  I thought about using it in the primary grades as an end of unit reflection board.  Students could post what they liked or did not like about a particular unit of study.  It would provide a time for reflection and also give the teacher good feedback on how the unit succeeded and how it could be improved.  For older students, the possibilities for Wallwisher seem endless.  Wallwisher would be a useful tool in group projects as it allow students to share resources with one another and collaborate easily.  It could also be used as a discussion board.  Teachers could give students a question to guide a discussion about a topic they are studying.  A teacher must provide opportunities for discussion, reflection and feedback in order to fully engage students (Coffman, 2009).  I believe Wallwisher could be used as a tool to facilitate all three of these areas.

Since I am not currently in the classroom I set up a wall that I could use in my personal life.  As a volunteer in Cub Scouts and the PTA, I am always looking for new fundraising ideas and fun activities and programs.  A tool like WallWisher would be a great way for volunteers to share ideas.  It could become a great resource.  My only reservation about Wallwisher is the public nature of the information.  In order to get the input from people, the wall must be public.  I know I must sound like a broken record by now but I am still uneasy about the public nature of many of these tools as I believe it makes your personal information vulnerable.



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